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  • Adventure styled touring jacket with 3-layer system; detachable Raintex membrane and thermo line

Air panels in chest

  • Panels will , once opened, reveal a large mesh air intake

Vision Vest prepared

  • Integrated preparation for mounting a Macna Visibility Vest. The vest, with bright neon color and large reflective parts, does not interfere with the jackets’ functionality

LED Light prepared

  • Preparation for the Macna LED light, which improves your visibility thanks to the high position at the back


  • The pre-curved shape and perfect adjustability of the Comfix will make closing the collar simple and flexible


  • Protector pockets with possibility to personalize the protectors position, easy accessible from the outside

Hot Vest prepared

  • Optional electric heated vest, battery operated. Provides between 3 and 8 hours of warmth depending on the level of heating

MACNA Mountain Cz

279,99 € Preço normal
229,99 €Preço promocional
Cor: Cinzento
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