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Side Eye

  • Thermally bonded reflective parts which look smooth and increase visibility in the dark, especially from the flanks

Vision Vest prepared

  • Integrated preparation for the Macna Visibility Vest. The vest, with a bright neon color and large reflective parts, does not interfere with the jackets’ functionality

Hot Vest prepared

  • Optional electric heated vest, battery operated. Provides between 3 and 8 hours of warmth depending on the level of


  • Raintex Direct Laminate membrane The direct laminated construction of the outer shell avoids soaking up water. Water will be blocked directly on the outside, keeping your jacket light and dry with optimal breathability

Air Vents with Aquastop

  • Aquastop zippers are the alternative for conventional water repellent zippers, yet 100% waterproof and reliable. Once opened, they reveal a mesh air intake


  • The pre-curved shape and perfect adjustability of the Comfix will make closing the collar simple and flexible


  • Level 2 protectors on the elbows
  • Level 1 protectors on the shoulders
  • prepared for adding a back protector

MACNA Cobalt

559,99 € Preço normal
399,99 €Preço promocional
Cor: Preto com Cinzento
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